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Routine eye exams are important to promote good eye health and clear vision. Dr. Cuthbertson emphasizes preventative eye health care, and our comprehensive eye exam contains tests to detect eye disease at its earliest stages. Innovative computer technology will precisely determining cornea, retina, ocular pressure, eyeglass and contact lens measurements. Eyedentity offers routine eye health exams, eyeglass and contact lenses, eye infection, dry eye, allergy, autoimmune, low vision, glaucoma, and vision therapy services. Painless, quick, and easy, our eyecare computers take precise measurements to provide accurate prescription, astigmatism, and eye health data. We are ADA compliant and wheelchair friendly throughout our office.

For those of you that are being treated for medical conditions, you are also at increased risk for eye disease. We routinely monitor diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune, glaucoma, and cataract conditions. If you are at risk for glaucoma, or increased eye pressure, we have specific testing for glaucoma detection, including computerized visual field testing that is quick, easy, and accurate. This testing will give advanced warning for the risk of developing glaucoma. We have a proven method for treating allergy and dry eye conditions that uses the newest and least invasive techniques.

Children's vision:

At Eyedentity, we make eye exams easy for your child at any age. Pictures, movies, and fun games keep your child interested and engaged in an eye exam that will provide accurate results without any fuss. We have a great new flat screen visual acuity system in each exam room to give more accurate results from your child’s answers. Dr. Cuthbertson has three boys of his own, and he loves to work with children. Some of our best rewards are seeing your child’s school performance and self-esteem improve with just the right solution to their vision problems. Make sure to have your children's eyes tested yearly as long as they are in school to keep them performing their very best!


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